A First for the City – Paper Destiny opens at St. Laurent


I was in the St. Laurent Shopping Centre yesterday to check out the much hyped stand-alone Joe Fresh store that has been open since late winter. But I have to say my interest was quickly diverted to a quirky little store a couple hundred meters down the hallway. The store, called Paper Destiny, specializes in gift product. Think of it as the more stylish and charming sister of Hallmark and Carleton Cards (with better prices). The walls are lined with greeting cards for every occasion with a quality similar to what you would find at Papyrus but as I said much cheaper (of all the cards I looked at I didn’t find anything over $7 with the average card being around $5. While Papyrus cards typically run about $9). The rest of the store consists of tasteful displays of gift product grouped by theme (makeup, jewelry, kids, candy, and pet were just a few).

While making our purchase we chatted with the sales clerk and commented on how lovely the store is. She told us that the St. Laurent location has only been open for about 6 weeks and it is the first in Canada with the next closest location being in Seattle. St. Laurent is quite a drive for me but I will be making another special trip to visit this store again soon.

The new Paper Destiny store at St. Laurent Shopping Center in Ottawa. (Photo courtesy of the Paper Destiny Facebook page)


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